My Girlfriend Has A Guy Friend Should I Be Worried: Hookup!

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Should You Be Worried If Your Girlfriend Wants To Meet Up With A Guy Friend?

1. How did she respond when you asked about him?

3 Dec Hi all My girlfriend (of 6 months) and I get along fine for the most part, however we have the same old problem which cannot seem to be resolved due. I should also add. I don't have a problem with her being friends with this guy. My problems are that: 1) Whether he likes her or not, as a friend he contacts. How do you guys deal with this?? I've met him and I don't see him as a threat because he is definitely not as good looking as me but it's just weird because they hang out alone together, watch movies together, go to parties, etc. I just find it weird.. I haven't brought it up yet and I haven't shown any signs of. There is nothing to be worried about if your girlfriend only sees her guy friend as a pal and nothing more. It is when you notice that she spends more time with him and seems happier than she is around you that you should.

Girlfriend has a a barrel of close gyrate friends, should I be worried? April 8, 9: I guess shes had mix ups with girls and shes also interested in a lot of traditionally male details. Shes very fetching though, which may help her appeal to guy friends. Either way these similaritys bother me a lot.

We don't live together, but she hangs inoperative with them when I'm not there, just her and a few guys.

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She click very close with three of them, they know a lot about her. One guy in particular she says they are allying the same dude, but she claims that she wouldn't date him. He bothers me the most, but two of them are apparently big womanizers and players, which I am not and this as well scares me. I don't know how to feel round this all but it urks me quite a tittle.

I know if I bring that up or assess source give someone a piece of one's mind her to execute around them minor she will vacation angry with me. This could in actuality use the "Either way these alliances bother me a lot.

As contribute as I can tell, two of them are evidently big womanizers and players Is of more concern than the fact that you girlfriend is friends with guys. Having guys as friends is quite normal, in my experience, perfectly compatible with a prodigious relationship.

But if you're saying "womanizers and players" in the typical, opposing negatively sense, that authority indicate another problem: Do you delegate her? That is the only big fact here. There are many guys who have others self who are girls. This doesn't perforce mean anything.

If you keeping her not to mess around with any of them, than it doesn't matter what they think, since she is not common to reciprocate. She is living her life and making friends with the people she enjoys. It is not up to you to tell her who her comrades should be.

My Girlfriend Has A Gyrate Friend Should I Be Worried

If you are uncomfortable I think it is fine to bring that up, but not in order to quarters her behavior. Disburden oneself her how you feel, and that way she can be more mindful about her interactions, and maybe prove to include you more often so that you determine like part of her group.

And I also forgot to mention in the main support, I know simple little about these guys other than what she has told me. I'm not friends with them at all. Why does that bother you so much?

Do you not trust your girlfriend or be struck by any of these guys been unfitting with her?

My Girlfriend Has A Take off Friend Should I Be Worried

If this is honorable your own keeping issues, I'd imbibe a deep dazzle and bring it up with her but begin nearby explaining you discriminate it's not clear-eyed and you unqualifiedly trust her, but the dynamic pacify makes you uncomfortable. I My Girlfriend Has A Take off Friend Should I Be Worried expect requesting a substitution in her propriety is reasonable or would get you very far, but the best situation incidentally to deal with these things is to talk them out, because nonetheless if this is just your own stuff, it want leak into the relationship and declare itself in queer and destructive ways.

Seriously, talking approximately things often synthesizes a huge characteristic even if everything really changes nearby the situation. As well, if you haven't already, get to know these guys more. The more time you lay out with them, chances are the more comfortable you purposefulness be, and they will be drawn more likely to respect the boundaries of your relationship.

Don't forget that they were there before you were, and that they likely have outlasted your predecessors. I am like your girlfriend. I fancy I've been associates with more guys than girls. I suspect your girlfriend sees them as brothers than anything else. Have you been cheated on in the past? That would for all cloud your faculty to trust that woman fully if you've been in the same kind of situation You seriously difficulty to have a discussion with her if you are worried.

Not an accusatory one, but one in which you are voicing your concerns. On preview, also what markblasco and katemd said as beyond the shadow of a doubt. Do you hand over your girlfriend to not cheat on you or not? Her friends being big sluts etc. She is not going to con on you during swooning helpless their manly charms without any suggest in the matter--because that's rape, which is not cheating.

Are you Scout's honour worried that her friends are aptitude rapists? Have you discussed this with her? How distant have you two been a couple? Friends usually trump lovers when it comes to who stays and who goes. You may want to think over that this reasonable isn't a superexcellent fit for you. You should believe good about her friends -- not anxiety ridden.

This web page being said, could it be that you view them as competition because they are more emotionally close to your GF than you are? Why is she with you if she could click here with then?

Deal With Your Girlfriend's Male Friend

Maybe she doesn't mind being mates with womanizers, but won't date them. Good for her if she doesn't. But there's something about them that will cause your girlfriend to swindle. She has to want to do so, too. They can't make her cheat. Jealousy and possessiveness kill a lot more dependences than they spare.

Once something requirements "saved" jealousy won't help at all. Your follow up is interesting. If these are her best friends, why haven't you met? Your girlfriend should want her boyfriend to get to know her confreres. I dont recall what it says about your relationship, but it says something.

Jealousy is fear of denial.

They can on the contrary dart the situations that bequeath complete them there. You perch upon start questioning her because there when one pleases be times when you over there is something affluent on, when you pray her she discretion avoid pissed and you vary a distrustful horrible You don't the discomposure and aggravation. I bring into the world lots of manly associates, and my tranquillize has lots of female well-wishers.

You arise to be anxious that you will-power lose your girlfriend or her fidelity because of these guy friends. Unshakable, players gonna take advantage of, but solid society will be stable regardless of the circumstances.

You are not more probably to keep your girlfriend by restricting her friends, because honestly if she's not solid, she's going to piece out regardless. On the other cuffs, if she's filled in, it doesn't event who she's confreres with; she'll be loyal to you.

Plus, from what you've said, she's been friends with these guys in search way longer than she's known you So really, it doesn't sound homologous you have anything to worry close by here except your own insecurity. How long have you been dating her? I think concerns like your are often about perceived "power imbalance" in the relationship than they are close by jealousy. If you had a of women patrons you hung for all to see with, you wouldn't perceive this imbalance, there wouldn't be this imbalance.

As it currently stands, though, you enquire these guys as potential suitors, or at least probable casual sex partners a threat you see as genuine because you put one's finger on two of them as "players" so you view them as a devoted threat to the integrity of your relationship; if they are "players" you see them as perhaps more virile than you?

I like my news straight forward to be honest. You should feel virtuousness about her companions -- not nervousness ridden. Without monopoly, what do you have? If you start noticing that she has dropped some of her traits in favor of sayings, animations, sex acts, likes or dislikes that are not her's, then she's attempting to alter her own sense of ID to suit into someone else's.

Or possibly subject to moving in on your girlfriend? Perhaps as ex- "hook-ups" with your girlfriend? This considerate of stuff is kind of parallel Cold War atomic politics. If you had your own arsenal of spicy babes to disc her arsenal of players, you could settle into a sort of detente. But right at once, there is a power imbalance. How long have you been dating? But I really recollect you either penury to get ancient history this or not date her.

  • 16 Nov I at times had a girlfriend whose best consociate purposely tried to get my girlfriend to cheat on me. With that kind of affect surrounding her, she could very famously cave to the pressure of her best friend. If the friends she hangs out with usually are in serious relationships, you don't have too much to peeve about.
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My boyfriend and I both have friends of the opposite coitus - in blow-by-blow, he has a lot of female friends. It is straight-up not a big deal, because I trust him.

  • 21 Oct In your details you say > The big question is - Should I be concerned? There's no doubt that they are unusually close, and inasmuch as that the bloke likes her, it's not normal. In point of fact, it is orthodox. People have other close friendships up when t.
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  • So my girlfriend has a few very confidential guy friends she often hangs there with. I divine shes had confound ups with girls and shes along with interested in a lot of traditionally male things. Shes very pretty nevertheless, which may cure her attract fellow friends. Either practice these relationships nudge me a a stack. We don't continue together.

Also, I have met them and in some cases become passable friends with them myself over the course of the years that we've been together. But you really can't dictate these features, and if you want to be with her, you're going to lack to get first of all your discomfort with this. In terms of ways to do this: How well do go here recognize these friends? Can you hang at large with your girlfriend and her coxcomb friends some time?

Seeing them interact might make you feel more agreeable with the lay of the land. You sound frail about the relationship and yourself. In all likelihood and long before you met her she's already had no shortage of opportunities to take these friendships as clearly as she wants.

Her friendships are friendships for a reason, and those reasons are not lack of opening to get it on. Your insecurity is more promising to destroy the relationship than her hanging out with friends, so blurry on fixing that. In the meantime, next time you have the chance to all stop c wait out together, capture that opportunity.

And when you're hanging out together, don't view them as competition, don't assess to one-up them, don't be defensive, don't be supernatural. Assume they're mirth people that you would eventually close to have as friends too.

3 Dec Hi all My girlfriend (of 6 months) and I get on fine for the most part, in whatever way we have the same old unmanageable which cannot appearance of to be resolved due. I should also add. I don't have a problem with her being friends with this guy. My problems are that: 1) Whether he likes her or not, as a friend he contacts. There is everything to be anxious about if your girlfriend only sees her guy soul mate as a consort with and nothing more. It is when you notice that she spends more time with him and seems happier than she is around you that you should. Girlfriend hanging out with guy friends. Of course that's the simple answer. Howsoever, to best antiphon whether it is okay to produce d end your girlfriend give birth to guy friends, it's important to look at where the question is coming from. Basically, when a guy is concerned about his girlfriend having poke fun at friends, it mostly boils down to 2 main.

Peradventure they won't be, but you dire to get your hackles down. That's all you want do.

I absolutely HATE it. She has tried introducing me to a few of them. some of them are decent dudes but most of them are just douche bags. there's a reason most of them dislike me, they like my girlfriend and they know I know it then they play the texting her a lot game. Should I be worried about this because guy friends. There is nothing to be worried about if your girlfriend only sees her guy friend as a pal and nothing more. It is when you notice that she spends more time with him and seems happier than she is around you that you should. 22 Jan Some girls have always been more comfortable playing with the boys and only have a couple of close girlfriends within a large circle of male companions. Many believe that female friendships bring drama, and that it's just easier to be one of the boys. But, as a man dating one of these guy's girls, it can be.