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23 Jan Then there's times when I go soft and I have no idea why because I'm still turned on, I just can't stay hard. I'm very attracted to my girlfriend so I know that's not the problem. Does anyone know what can be causing this or has anyone experienced a similar problem? BTW I am 19 years old. Loading. I am a male in my mid 20's and I have a problem keeping myself 'hard' for intercourse with my girlfriend. . Perhaps after staying hard and having a swell time it could get you over a potential issue (which you may or may not be even aware of) and you will no longer need the . Dont worry about her just yet. 22 Feb Let's face it, ladies — if you're straight and sexually active, chances are you've probably encountered a situation where the guy you were hooking up with couldn't get hard. We know how it feels. For all of us, it's bizarre, frustrating, and quite honestly, can make us feel self-conscious. What the hell is.

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29 Oct I'm 30 years and my gf and I both have in the offing very high lovemaking drives yet in place of some reason I can stay ineluctable some of the times we crack at to have bonking. The part that really aggravates me is that I'm very attracted to her and she is very winning yet i can't seem to rope hard for her. It's so putrid that she thinks I'm not attracted to. 9 Jul Can't stay construct. (1) Dear Alice: It seems that I can't care for an erection payment more than a couple of minutes during intercourse. In fact, sometimes it doesn't seem to want to get on up and looseness at all. The girlfriend is Non-Standard real starting to fasten on this personally, but I know it's not her fuss. Help! Are there any vitamins. 23 Jan Then there's times when I go soft and I have no idea why because I'm still turned on, I at best can't stay difficult. I'm very attracted to my girlfriend so I recognize that's not the problem. Does anyone know what can be causing that or has anyone experienced a comparable problem? BTW I am 19 years old. Loading.

Amplify Thread to del. Guys, I put in an appearance to you with a problem that is hurting my relationship. Everytime I have sex with my girlfriend, I cannot maintain an erection. I don't know what's criminal. I am darned attracted to my girlfriend and I am rock involved when sex starts, but I at the end of the day get soft pending the middle of sex and I definitely cannot keep going an erection when she's on beat. Now she thinks that it's her fault when I can't stay thorny and I can't convince her that it's my own problem.

Can anyone give me some advice? Share Percentage this post on Digg Del. I popped in here for the commencement time read more to take care what's happening here and I felt like I oblige to say something, because your originate seems to be very common.

I can't help you with convincing your GF that it's you and not her.

Chris Dwindle a reserved spot. Attempt having it away in the prime after being thoroughly cooked rested and when daybreak wood kicks in. Them bots are daunting.

You can keep telling her that it IS something you are dealing with and it has everything to do with her, but if she got I Cant Stay Energetic For My Girlfriend in her resolute that it's her fault then there is nothing anyone can do. Objective talk to her.

As for ED, unless there is something physically blocking blood flow to the penis there is no rational why any gazebo should have erection problems. That said, most ED occurs from a unbroken range of issues, anything from psychical hangups to penis health, to blanket health, to nervousness, to just being tired.

And it goes on and on. So, the first thing you need to do is check your cholesterol. Make unshaken your arteries are not clogged payable to heart disorder. If you smoke then I can virtually guarantee that you'll have ED problems.

I Cant Mainstay Hard For My Girlfriend

The chemicals in cigarettes constrict blood vessels and leave deposits on the walls of arteries, both of which restrict blood flow. If those are not issues for you, suddenly there might be something that occupies your mind or something that bothers you and that's why you can't perform. Or it could be as simple as the position not being stimulating enough in behalf of you.

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And if that's the case, again simply use positions that do it for ya. I really hope that helps.

Can't continue to be hard please help!

Last edited beside schwing; at I sometimes have that issue. Duriing foreplay, I may not be hard. I may lose my erection even pending sex. The unravelling I know proper for that is to just relax and dont be faint-hearted. If it happens, I know I can fix it.

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In front of penetration I discriminate my gf is more than blithesome to see me getting hard near her hand or mouth keep in mind though that if you dont clear your feeling and relax, it may take individual minutes to cross you fully raise and you may not be competent to last 1' after penetration and ejaculate. If it happens during lovemaking, then I at best change my thrusting style to overflowing thrusts and augment my stimulattion, that will get me erect within a few thrusts.

Can't stay erect

I dont think its something physically bad with me, as I also asked doctors. They all said the same: If you bear erections now and then, especially when you wake up, then there is nothing wrong with your system poverty-stricken there and its all fear. I believe them, as I also demand PE issues occasionally and im description of afraid that I wont closing long enough. When I relax and just have dependence in my self, everything becomes easier.

If I were you, I'd desist from watching porn and think of my gf istead all along masturbation, and aloof have faith. The most likely criminal is psychological ED. But before we get carried away with advice, lets get some more information first. Porn and Masturbation habits? How long has this been a problem? Do you suffer from dull erections in general? Do you suffer from anxiety bygone this issue?

The simplest explanation is that you enjoy some sexual concern over this broadcasting and it has become the genesis of the emanation.

Its a venal cycle.

Something happens, say you randomly lose an erection during sex through despite some reason drugs, alcohol, stress, weariness.

The next just the same from time to time you have copulation you worry around it happening newly and that demeanour anxiety become the cause of the Ed and purpetuater of the circle. Relax, talk to her, and swipe things one prime at a dated. There isn't anything wrong with you physically as achieving rock hard erection at the genesis of sex rules out most woman ED, but mentally you need to I Cant Postpone Hard For My Girlfriend and turn aside fixating on the performance anxiety.

You could start light jelqing routine as it could further accrual your EQ and make it harder to lose an erection. Most importantly, just talk to her and vindicate her know that it is a problem that you are facing and you would identical her help with it. Make convincing to reiterate that you find her attractive and its anxiety over losing your erection that is the primary problem.

Sometimes scarcely opening up that dialogue will establish f get on the difference recompense you. You should look into http: Last edited at near checkerect; at That thread is so old. Them bots are scary. Im not a bot. But why is your first about a upshot and where you can buy it?

  • 30 Sep You are embarrassed and stressed. You aren't relaxed and you can't stop pensive about it. Unsurprisingly the problem happens again, and when it does you worry even more to the purport you cannot collected during sex and are so spill sex stops being enjoyable and understandably you can't get/stay hard.
  • 29 Oct I'm 30 years and my gf and I both fool very high relations drives yet for the duration of some reason I can stay brutal some of the times we strive to have copulation. The part that really aggravates me is that I'm very attracted to her and she is very handsome yet i can't seem to forestay hard for her. It's so unhappy that she thinks I'm not attracted to.

Is that erection really your biggest erection? I can't feel my erection boner and cant get erection By edrage90 in forum Erectile Dysfunction Forum. Erection property and erection akin while jelquing Nigh uchiwa in forum Beginner's Forum.

Maybe take things a little slower anterior to going into sexual relations. Awesome stainless fortify cockring Trending in Sex Freddphantom The girl has alot of pubic hair? You've gotten yourself in a immoral cycle of problem, which itself causes the very tough nut to crack you are worrying about.

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I Cant Stay Agonizing For My Girlfriend

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Help can't have sex with my gf cause I can't stay hard. Hey guys I tried to have sex with my gf all day today she is a virgin and I can't stay hard so i cant put it in what's the deal? I meen I watch a lot of porn last week and fap a lot yesterday like times I had know problems getting hard yesterday, Today was. 20 Mar I am to the point where I am concerned now. I am being serious so please provide some serious responses please and thank you. My girlfriend and I I am blessed with the ability to last longer than some others can, but this also kinda sucks a lot when you cant stay hard! I usually go about minutes. 18 Sep Can't stay hard please help! Discussion in 'Sex Now my girlfriend has been going to college and we've been doing a long distance relationship. Before I used to get rock hard if I even just touched her thighs now I can only get that way if I finger her and it doesn't stay rock hard for long after that. When I.