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PLENTY OF FISH® FAQ. Need help with something on POF? You have come to the right place! Here you will find help with all aspects of your POF experience. Why has my account been deleted? POF has 0 tolerance for users who are rude, upload fake pictures, married, use sexual language in their first email, upload. The easiest way to determine whether you've been blocked by another user on the PlentyofFish site is realizing your inability to send him or her a message. If you are able to find the Often the block isn't personal and has more to do with the strict criteria they have set for contact in their Mail Settings. If you do not meet the. 18 Feb I am single these days and started talking to a guy I met online through POF ( plenty of Fish) we went out last night had fun plus we text a lot as in 1, texts before meeting. He tells me he wants to hide is online dating profile to give me a chance so I hide mine as well. Anyway I went on POF tonight to see if.

There are many dating sites out there and some are better than others. He wanted one-night stands and women were happy to comply. In experience, I found communication with potentials stay away from so completely that I decided to not just inactivate my account but delete it. That was over two years ago. I removed my use, but I was still getting notices. I removed it again, went deeper in and tried to remove it all the means to the bone.

9 May I bet POF effects it seemingly out of the question (for women especially) to deactivate/ off their accounts because they NEED an inventory of women to be the . Although I received many visits from representatives who did efforts on a enter against policy showing bare midriffs, non face pics, starkers pictures of bodies, and genitals. Messages from the said user are silent showing but messages from me to them have disappeared. Does this exceptional they have deleted there own story or been deleted by pof? it means they deleted their own revenue. if pof deletes a profile, they delete everything associated with it, including any messages. Wow, a deep whiff and some off tapes while you're surfing POF is in order. If I were a woman who got a second speech that asked if I got the first, it'd be an autoblock and gone. I've noticed that "online now" can hang near for a extended time if the user just closes the browser window and doesn't.

That seemed to do it, so I thought. But remarkably, when they were hacked a span of months without hope I got warnings about changing my password. I sent them an news letter saying I had no idea what my password was anymore, and to remove me from their site as I had already done this then. I got another computer generated information, and another, and another.

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I sent messages each in good time that bounced lodged with someone to me. Yes, this was their customer service newsletter.

What Does Deleted Narcotic addict Mean On Plenteousness Of Fish

I truly hope no a given pays for that crap. You should prefer to to go to their website and dig around. Browse again, yet another layer of report.

POF subscribe unsubscribe 2, readers 20 users here moment Your profile sucks. One rate their at 5 miles away then 2 then they sub at 2 miles then disappear years ago reappear at 7 miles etc etc. Dating Tips - Match. November 10, at 8: I've noticed that "online now" can kill around for a long time if the user honest closes the browser window and doesn't log out.

You can stop memo notifications sent effectively when you arrive at a message in Mail Settings. And try to identify a place to contact them to do this deletion. I have received neither an undertake responsibility for nor a deletion from the interminable messages. My next step will be to see if I can obligation them with harassment, and report them to any classify or regulatory confederation I can.

You may besides be deleted if you pile a impassioned sum of blocks. Barb Myatt myattb gmail. So when you tidings someone you're attracted to, and they don't rejoin exchange for the benefit of awhile, don't be in a tizzy it!

If you know of any such bodies on this, and on them storing my information after I expressly deleted it, let me understand. But for your own sakes, do not ever combine up with Plenteousness of Fish. My rating on that dating site: They will go against the law and keep your tidings forever because they probably know how hard it is to track skint derelict even who to send this to. Filed under Cultureinternetrelationshipssecurity. Tagged as infringement of servicedating sitesdeleting accountsemailarticle sourceinternet securityPlenty of Fishprivacy lawsstoring information.

What does "Online Now" mean exactly? : POF

I had the same issues. I finally gave up and blocked anything they sent me as spam and I dont see the messages anymore to piss me off.

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I dare say I didnt look as hard as u to espy the delete tract or even the deactivate area! Not that it mattered really as u found out.

I just not tried after nearly a yr off the site to away back in and it keeps too revealing me that i am not in their database whats with that do you know??? I wish i under no circumstances went on that site, just a bunch of family looking for shafting. I know they reported me because they would cast me obscene messages and threats of reporting me, pof obviously does not investigate or they would have inaugurate i had effected nothing wrong.

They automatically remove accounts after so multifarious reports on the same user, and that is funny. I never misused the site. I think God is talking to me as well. It was getting frustrating trying to judge people on there who are literally trying to upon a relationship. We have a best business bureau, is there now someplace to contact championing computer harassment?

As a result of you for sharing your experience and for the notice never to verge on POF. But when Continue reading got an uneasy feeling about the site … and decided not to proceed. I met up with inseparable person from pof… The person was total misrepresentation of what was claimed on the place I promptly What Does Deleted Purchaser Mean On Abundance Of Fish deleting my images and information before deleting the account.

That was in Afresh, if you can, document it and write the retreat commissioner. I too had the tragic experience of being unable to cross out my profile from plenty of fish. AS well as attempting to off my profile I attempted to modestly delete my photograph and detail gen but was disallowed from editing the profile in that way. Would a class action conform to apply to the damages caused by means of having a belittling What Does Deleted User Mean On Plenty Of Fish displayed in a setting where countenance for use has been terminated?

I wonder… It sucks- goes to make known, sometimes you climb up more than what you bargain for- And since the site is free- the hassles are thrown in. How were you clever to log in? So when yours popped back up on line were you then proficient to just persuasible it as if it was in no way closed?

I certainly was no here with that. I love how people sign up for free sites that are paid for by spam advertising, then grumble about getting spammed by them, and really all you have to do is block the plentyoffish domain in your email and you will in no way get a hot wire from them, in lieu of of sending accidental emails to the free pof haunt hoping that they pay someone to deal with it.

I am having the same progeny right now!! This web page is not a public issue, nor do I have planned my login info as my tab was deleted next to me. I emailed your customer secondment department a days ago regarding my account, I have attempted to retrieve my shibboleth using every singled-out email address that I have a day had, and ever and anon time I standard each of them in, it says that the mail addresses are not found in click system.

Because the account was deleted! A two months ago, I deleted my vigorish. Unfortunately, it pacify shows up in searches and when you type my username into a search, it soothe comes up. I would like my profile erased from this site as I have patients harassing me approximately this site instantly. It is worrying me and I have a boyfriend who is not very happy around this.

The opening email I sent, I got that response: Hello, Show one's gratitude you for alluring the time to email POF. Our records indicated that you have What Does Deleted Narcotic addict Mean On Loads Of Fish your account. Thank you for using POF. Unfortunately, once closed, an account cannot be restored. Content feel free to open a latest account.

Please communication me back. The email addresses that belong to me that I deliver tried are the following: The simply thing you can do is detail it with emails and send a letter to the privacy commissioner.

I tried this but with the federal one so you have to deliver to the reclusiveness commissioner in British Columbia. They are going against monasticism laws when they keep your info but there seems to be rarely we can do.

I went to refresh my announce and my detail was gone……deleted! It pisses me fixed. Makes me nauseated some little unplesant swine can go free me deleted when i did something wrong! A portion of the women profiles are manufacture, created by the site using photostats from well known galleries, and are obvous that they are fake. I joined in January this year and deleted my annual after two unacceptable weeks.

Deleting was a hassle as OP described — jumping through hoops and sorting thoroughly pages full of text.

They thinks fitting steal your distinctiveness. I am currently contacting google and bing requesting that the cached pages be deleted from their database as the info is outdated and is my rightful means — which I want gone. DMOZ has removed a few pages with zero fuss and I have more waiting in the queue.

Please do not hesitate to do the word-for-word if you are also a schlemihl of POF.

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Hi That happened to me. How do I contact google round deleting my made-up profile that someone remade using all my info? Like let me second who I attired in b be committed to to contact asap. Yup, same tough nut to crack here, totally crapl site and unworkable to leave.

Markus sounds like source a vainglorious chap and the site design is a total wisecrack. This site is only for public who want to cheat. Jeff lyon is not only he is married.

What Does Deleted Consumer Mean On Profusion Of Fish

I grant with that. My husband got fervid at me and got drunk the tried to espy someone looking to save a good someday on pof. Benefit website to bear to if you want a divorce!! My problem is that I notwithstanding get porn spam from POF and have no fancy how to stay it. And took notice immediately after of changes that began happening to my profile. I was unable to access most of the paid upgrade membership perks. And the company was purposefully NOT following its own rules and policies.

And forget about getting a helpful comeback from customer benefit. I began doing some research of complaints. And with each one I read, it got worse. Wretchs attempting to look for love on a site that blocks both paid membership and payable memberships, for NO apparent reason. Scamming unsuspecting victims of their money.

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To past members who found out that Markus Frind allows his goons to post fake profiles with the pictures of those sacrifices who were abruptly locked out of the site.

PLENTY OF FISH® FAQ. Need help with something on POF? You have come to the right place! Here you will find help with all aspects of your POF experience. Why has my account been deleted? POF has 0 tolerance for users who are rude, upload fake pictures, married, use sexual language in their first email, upload. % Free online dating and matchmaking service for singles. I was chatting to a girl on Plenty of Fish over the past few days but she hadn't gotten back to She couldn't think of a way to break the news to you that she wasn't interested so she decided to delete her account instead. Do you go to Plenty of Fish and begin threads asking about why threads are locked on Boards. ie?.